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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

Decor8 has been in business since 2004. This has recently become important as there are many new start-up businesses who do not have experience dealing with high volumes and changing needs. They provide different linens than samples shown in consults, promise to order linens of unknown quality and return deposits as they decide the business is not for them …. Closing shop as quickly as they opened.

If I request information about your services when can I expect a response back?

Decor8 currently has a goal to respond to e-mails within 48 hours of receipt

What are your hours of operation?

We operate out of our home office. This means our hours of operation are quite flexible. The majority of our business is based on scheduled appointments. Appointments for consults, pick-ups and returns to name a few. We're open as early as 7am and as late as 10pm in order to cater to your demanding schedule.

What is the charge for initial consultations?

There is no charge for consultations.

Are you available to decorate?

Yes, we frequently provide our services to decorate. However, due to the increased demand early booking provides the advantage of obtaining our services. Please note, we do not insist on the utilization of our set-up services. You are welcome to rent, pick-up and DIY (do-it-yourself).

When are you available for appointments?

Our  schedule is as follows:
Decor8 is available to schedule afternoon and evening appointments Monday through to Thursday. Weekends are reserved for decorating.

When I order, can I take the decorations out of town?

Certainly, we’ve even had decorations travel out of the province.

When I order for my event, when can I pick-up?

Decor8 focuses on being flexible. We understand your need to have an appropriate amount of time to create an event to remember. For the majority, our standard is to have pick-ups two days before the event. However, if requested, we are also able to extend that standard as long as another event is not impacted.

When do I need to return the rental?

We ask that inventory is returned, no later than, two days after the scheduled event. But again, we are flexible

Do you deliver? 

Yes, we deliver. Primarily within the City of Calgary. Delivery outside the City is possible but needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Do you require a deposit?

50% of the Total Rental Summary is the requested deposit. There is no deadline for sending it. However, the deposit is the only sure way to ensure your rental order is reserved for you on your special day.

What is your policy on damage?

25% of the total rental is considered the Damage Deposit. It will be collected in the form of a separate payment on the day of pickup. When it is determined that the rental order has been returned in equal quantity and condition to how it was received, the damage deposit is eliminated. Cash is returned and cheques are shredded. The Damage deposit is security in cases of neglect and carelessness. Stains are not considered to be damage.

How do I send my deposit and/or payment?

You can send an e-mail money transfer, use PayPal or send/deliver a cheque. The specifics required for each process are listed within the Decor8 Events Rental Summary.

Information about the two highly requested products:  Chair Covers and Ceilings:

How do I create a more intimate event ~ the ceiling at our venue is 20+ ft tall?

Faux ceilings range in price from $750 to $950 depending on the size of the venue and whether you require lighting. This price includes set-up, takedown and transport within the City of Calgary.
***Disclaimer: For liability reasons: Ceiling framework and fabric is NOT available for rental without the Decor8 set-up/takedown service. Ceilings, also, cannot be installed in every venue. Our current ceiling set-up requires some support from the venue. Namely, we require perimeter wires in place to mount the fabric to. Some venues have this structural wiring but many others (especially hotels) do not.   
Decor8 is currently considering the viability for creating a free-standing structure which would allow ceilings to be installed in any venue.

Details on Chair Covers?

White, Black and Ivory currently in stock:
$3 each in peak season ($2 at other times of year) includes the rental cost and laundering. You pick-up your cleaned and pressed order and return in the bins provided.
$1.00 each for sashes. Our inventory of colors is continually expanding. The color list is frequently updated on the product page of our website. If you do not see the color you require then you can special order for no additional charge.
Set-up, Take-down and Transport of the chair covers and sashes is quoted on a case-by-case basis. The more chair covers ordered, the less cost per chair to set-up. In other words we provide quantity discounts for set-up.

Do you provide a “package” for orders?

Each event is unique. For this reason we provide package quotes based on each specific request made.  For example, backdrops are rented at a reduced rate when accompanying a linen order.

What if my quantity ordered changes?

In the week before your event, you are welcome to update us on the final quantity required. You only pay for what you take.

All in all, we are a reasonable, flexible, and have a positive attitude that caters to Brides on a Budget. We look forward to serving you!

Happy planning.